The Elder.  Composite cast, 90 cm x 123 cm high, brown frame.  Limited edition  of  20. 

(Optional : The Elder - poem in gold lettering  featured on inner frame.)

Great success can have humble beginnings.

The face has been called an African Mona Lisa for its memorable expression and the way you feel  in its larger-than life-size presence.  Many have admired  the work and wished they could take this empowering feeling  home with them.  Children  have walked in to my studio, and insisted  he smiled back at them when they waved.  The likeness is so accurate I have been told  it may just be the best work I ever made.  It is signed with  Makhomba, my African name.

A force of inspiration

For many years, access to the sculpture was unavailable to the public beyond its remote location in Umtata, or the privacy of my studio.  As of 2014, you can now purchase the  face of The Elder in a new exclusive edition, framed for the wall of your office or entrance hall.  Displayed above eye level gazing down, you, your family, friends and employees will come face-to-face daily with this extraordinary force of inspiration.