Since the 1970s, Kurt has become particularly well known for his 'Horse' series, the mysterious 'Tomorrow' series and more allegorical works like the 'Spirit of Africa'.  His farm animals, including rams and bulls, remain popular.  These works are cast in bronze and amalgam bronze.



                                                    17. The Searcher                                                              37. Looking Back  

                            58. Military decorated hero and Kurt                                                     60. The Violinist 

                           68. The Catch - Fish & Man                                                                        316. Perfect Union 1973

                     326. Leisher Memorial newspaper cutting                                                           333. Male Torso 

                                    450. Rugby 1                                                                   488. Lost Spirit of a Transvestite    

                                     458. Am Pranger                                           576. Vengeance Steel Sculpture Peg Leg and Bomb   

                                 447. Silent Prayer sculpture                                                       461. First Flying Angel      

                                        469. 5 x Tomorrow                                                            470. You Might Just as Well Smile   

                            477. Ostrich Eggs Designs                                                             489. Body and Soul Sculpture  

                         509. Raft for an Aspiring Politician                                                          459. Framed Cross
                                                                                       557. Exhibition Site