"I visit saw-mills in search of trees rejected for furniture and destined for paper or firewood because of their organic curvature. With careful observation, the grain of every plank dictates its own unique shape. There can be no twins." - Kurt Lossgott Apart from the biocurve range, Kurt is a world-renowned sculptor who focuses on memorial portrait busts, large public sculpture and sculpted trophy design. He has a diverse portfolio that showcases his ability to work in any size and media producing an exquisite range of indoor and outdoor sculpture, corporate trophies, and big cups.


Support the conservation of our natural heritage and endangered species.  Our mock-ivory and imitation hippo-tusk door handles allow you to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of nature's designs, without being responsible for the loss of an animal's life.  They are moulded on the original artifact and cast from polyster resin.