Lucifer the bringer of light is a creation, son of God. Like many others, angels, spirits and last, but not least, the universe and men. The need to be rebellious, to ask questions on established habits and laws, is the nature of those who one day will change it all. God is the past, present and future, knowing the beginning and the end. God is all and all is God. All is good, when you understand, is a difficult law to comprehend. Disagreeing with your father or just not understanding his manifesting wisdom leads many intellectual minds into a abyss of despair, causing, and alienating themselves from the father, but never alienating themselves from the source. Tis many ages old tale of a father - son relationship is also told in the bible, with the prodigical son. Lucifer is no stranger to this, the bringer of light has the desire to return to the creator of light, the unshakable love of his father, and I as a sculptor am honoured to be chosen to illustrate it. SO MOTE IT BE!